General Info

Keri O'Reilly is the admin for all Fellowship related issues. Her office is located in H1289.

Contact:; ext. 7273 (Direct # 613-696-7273)

Fellows Space

EP Fellows room (H1530, aka EP Reading Room) is located in the hallway outside the EP/cath labs. 

Resident/Fellows lounge is located in the next hallway on the left past the EP/cath labs. It has lockers, fridge, jacket space, and multiple computers. 

Contact Alvy Hou for locker access and any issues related to swipe card access.

Contact Phone Numbers 

(Note: To call Civic extensions from UOHI, dial 8 first. To call UOHI extensions from Civic, dial 56 first)





Office Admin Assistant Contact

Staff: Admin [phone extension] - email

Dr. Girish Nair : Karynn Luce [67272]- 

Dr. Pablo Nery: Tammy McCooey [67405]- 

Dr. Mehrdad Golian:  Jayden Hoganson [67271]- 

Dr. Martin Green: Kassandra Kirkham [67270]-

Inherited Arrhythmia: Kassandra Kirkham [67287]-

Dr. Daniel Ramirez: Mary-Anne Melady [67402]-

Dr. Simon Hansom: Kassandra Kirkham [67135 ]-

Dr. Calum Redpath: Sarah Beaudoin [67298]-

Dr. David Birnie :Anita Pa  [67269]-

Dr. Darryl Davis: Sarah Beaudoin [67298]-

Dr. Alper Aydin : Jessica Leblanc [67058]-

Dr. Andres Klein: Cathy Lacey[67411 ]-

Vacation and Conference Leave



Payroll, Reimbursements and Tax Slips

Carver (HR self-service portal) 

Carver is used for printing pay statements and retrieving T4 slips. It can be found under Zenworks Applications on the hospital desktops.

For login info or questions, contact Payroll Officer Donna Jeacle (, (613) 696-7000 ext. 17674)

Medical Liability Protection (MLP) Reimbursement Program

This program will reimburse part of CMPA fees for clinical fellows. Go to this link and follow the instructions. 

University of Ottawa Policies and Procedures (click on top right to request access)

Fellowship Policy on Safety

Policy - Wellness Policy - June 17, 2022.pdf

Fellowship Program Committee  - Terms of reference 

Fellowship Program Committee TOR 2023.doc

Competence Committee - Terms reference

Adult Electrophysiology Competence Committee TOR 2023.docx