Educational Resources

CHRS Webinars

-Requires CHRS Access

Dr. Nishant Verma Youtube

-Lectures on many of EP topics ( basic and advanced) from various presenters

Dr. Joshua Cooper Youtube

-Instructional videos on important EP fundamentals (highly recommended)

Medtronic Academy

-Multiple resources relating to Medtronic devices, including algorithms

Abbott EP Fellow Resources

-EP Videos on ablation topics

-Great video on EGM basics (watch this early on)

Baylis Medical Education Videos

-Videos on complex mapping/ablation EP areas

Interventional CRT (Merit/Dr. Seth Worley)

-Lecture series on multiple topics related to complex device implant (including venoplasty/fibroplasty, right sided approach, and complex CS navigation)

HRS 365

HRS educational videos on many topics (highly suggest Dr. Prystowsky's Unknown Tracing series)