EP Equipment Descriptions

Sheaths (size refers to inner diameter)

4F (red) 5F (grey)6F (green)7F (orange) 8F (blue)9F (black)10F (violet)11F (yellow)
Long + braided/armoured 8 and 9 F (for arterial access, tortuous anatomy)

Other Sheaths

SL1 (used for transseptal pucture; 8 and 8.5F [some prefer larger if inserting ablation catheter])

Agilis (medium vs large curl; 8.5F)

SL3 (used for CS access/stability)

Lamp ___ (used for RA reach for reaching RV, andCTI or RVOT stability)

Multipurpose catheter (used for PV venography)

EP Mapping/Ablation Catheters

Commonly used Biosense Webster catheter curls

D (blue)

F (orange)

J (black)

Ablation/Mapping Catheter Terms

Thermocool (irrigation cooling)

SmartTouch (contact force sensing)

SurroundFlow (reduced fluid needed for irrigation)

Nav (can acquire FAM map)

Multipolar Mapping Catheters